Radio Messages/Berichten

RECEPTION REPORT Radio  Station:  KR1 
Dear Sirs, I send you a reception report on yours short wave transmission of 15 august 19  Hello, I’m Francesco, my qth is near Sondrio in northern Italy and I’ve been listening to the radio for many years, especially free stations, DX south American, caribbean and pirate stations. I listened to your broadcast on the 6290 KHz frequency with an excellent signal, unfortunately at 3.30 pm (UTC) the signal became very weak. I really appreciated your musical choices and I hope to listen to you more often. Best regards to DJs and staff.  73’ Francesco
LISTENER: Name: FRANCESCO PAROLI  Age: 62  Address:        Via GRANDERA     n° 9/B  City: BUGLIO in MONTE  (SO)  ZIP Code: 23010  Country: ITALY  E-Mail:    [email protected]  Receiver: Tecsun PL-880  Antenna: longwire 24mt 
Time UTC
To everyone in the bunker
I heard some of your broadcast on 6285Khz a little earlier today and thought I’d send a reception report.
To be honest, reception on the radio at my home wasn’t the best quality. While your signal was reasonably strong there was a lot of atmospheric / static noise that made listening difficult at times, to point the signal was lost in the noise. This seems to have been a feature of many shortwave bands over recent weeks and probably wasn’t helped by the rain storms we had here during the day. I check reception on a couple of KiwiSDR’s in the London area and reception on them suffered from QRN noise just as much.
It’s pity the noise was so bad because the music you played sounded a great selection. I have included details below, hopefully I have got most right but there were a couple where I struggled to identify the artist even if I did get the song title. Anyway I hope this report is useful and if you can verify it I would appreciate a QSL/eQSL.
Kind Regards Chris
I´m just listening to your programm on 6285 kHz.. At 16.06 UTC I heard the Caroline song, at 16.10 Sweet Soul Music and at the moment House of the Rising Sun. Reception is fine, loud and clear modulation. There is some fading and static noise. SINFO 4 5 3 3 4 Narrow audio works very well. My receiver is Winradio G303 e PD on 16m wire with balun. I live in a small town in a region called Bavarian Forest. Its not far from the Czech border. I´m 66 years old and have been listening to free radio for many years, but I have not much time to write reports. Sometimes I´m on Iann´s chat, my nickname is Funkenblitz. I´m looking forward receiving a QSL from you.
Best 73s Josef Koeppl Steinaecker 18 D- 94234 Viechtach,

and a very good afternoon to You!
I very rarely send reception reports but I thought I can make an exception with you 😊. I am always excited in hearing a pirate station. My name is Pekka and I have been a radio enthusiast for 40 years now. I started dxing as a young boy. I was 15 years old. I stopped for a while (35 years!) when I started working and got myself couple of kids and a lovely wife. We are still happily married but children are all grown up and moved away from their childhood home. That is why I now have more spare time and I started dxing again. Got myself a Wellbrook ALA1530LN antenna from UK and Airspy HF+ SDR receiver from China just before Christmas 2018. My main interest is medium waves and 48 meters and other  pirate bands and I already have heard BC-stations from North- and South America and the Caribbean area. Also lots of Asian MW-stations and best of all: my first Australian MW-station, ABC Adelaide on 891kHz. And of course lots and lots of pirates. I just recently acquired another antenna from Wellbrook, this time ALA100LN and it is now up and beamed to Holland. It receives very very well. I am 55 years old this summer and I work as a practical nurse in a group home for young people with autism diagnose. Very rewarding job. My home town Kotka is in southeastern part of Finland with about 55 000 inhabitants. It is a very beautiful town with lots of nature and especially built parks that are famous all over Finland. You must come and see them Yourself. I am enclosing a link to my Onedrive account where you can see and listen to video/audio clip from your transmission. KR1 on 6285kHz <click this>
You can see the details in the software, date: 7th of August, time: 16:10UTC and the frequency of course: 6285kHz (I like to listen with ECSS and it gives the exact fq). Hope to get an e-qsl or something to verify my reception, but it is totally up to you. 😊. I am hoping that you continue broadcasting. If you do, I am there, listening to you. Pekka from Finland
I´ve made a dutch friend last weekend. Radio Black Arrow op Alex. I spent two nights with him listening to pirates in Finnish DX-association´s summer meeting.
“You are tuned to the King of Shortwave, KR1.”
Good afternoon KR1.
Great music.  “Caroline” and “Light My Fire” are two of my favorites.  The rest of the tunes you’re playing are very enjoyable. If you have other songs by the Fortunes, please play one or two for me.  They’re one of the least-appreciated European groups in the US.
Keep up the good work!, Regards. Terry colgan USA
Kennemer KR1, [email protected]
Reception report and comments, Reception coordinates Gothenburg, Sweden, Latitud 57,708 Longitud: 11.975, Receiver SDR Play RSP 2 antenna EWE antenna, Frequency 6265 and 6290 kHz, Date 2019-08-03 3 of August time UTC, QRM, SINPO 34343, UTC Time
Comments: I would very much appreciate, if you can verify, that I have heard your radiostation.
Staffan Crona, Borsasgatan 36, 422 44 Hisings Backa, Sweden,
Personal details:My name is Staffan Crona, and I am 68 years old, with wife and five children, and four grandchildren. A family picture is enclosed. We have a tradition to make a new picture at every Christmas. My interest for radio and later audio made me study electronics at Chalmers University of technology. I have been working with air purification in many years and in several countries. I made a pause for 50 years in SWL, but have now returned to my hobby. My private interest, beside technology, is history and geneology. I also grow tomatoes and Chili.
Hello KR1,
Good afternoon, I’m listening to KR1 on the 31 July 2019, at 15.16 UTC on 6285 kHz, SINPO code rating of 44444.
Programme details: KR1 The King of Shortwave; Hi to Ludwig, you commented that you had a lot of e-mails, Xanadu, you could see the sea, dum dum (song in German), Light my fire, –  [email protected], Pirates for Peace, sail away, talking about the Ross Revenge, Caroline – The Fortunes, Bimbo, Sweet soul musc,
My receiver Is an Airspy HF Plus SDR, with SDR Console version 3.0.11. The antenna is a Wellbrook ala-1530 at four metres. Please QSL?
Thank  you, 73, Patrick Travers, Sheffield.
Hello KR1 Team
today I heard you first time with such a good music ! On 6285 Khz  heard you from 1400 UT till yet with S9+20 signal, slight QSB on ICOM IC 7610 Transceiver with a 52 m Vertical Loop up 3 to 18m. Modulation quite ok with 10Khz Filter. Congratulation and greetings from Berlin, Germany

Hi KR1 Ruud and Bart,
your Transmission on the 21th July on 6285kHz has received Gunter / Hitmix-Radio in Potsdam (near Berlin / Germany) . He has de SW-Receiver with our Stream connected. So can i hear your Transmission too. He say: S9 +10 and good Mod > 😉.
Hi there,
greetings from the coast of Ireland! Today I´ve received the King of Shortwave on 48meters. I´am just on holidays in Malin Head, the most Northern point of Ireland. It is a very beautiful area. Today the weather is rather bad until now. I´t s a rainy and windy sunday, 17 degrees. But listening with a view to the Atlantic is a real pleasure.  And I enjoyed the powerful signal of KR1! Nice mixture of music -real good entertainment on Short Wave! Here´s a detailed reception report from my side:
KR1 -the King of Shortwave Date: 21st of July, 2019 Time: 12:35-13:38UTC (close down)
Frequency: 6.285Hz SINPO:  4 / 5 / 3 / 4 / 3 (S=8-9) clear signal, free of interference, moderate atmospheric noise
My receiver: portable set SONY ICF 2001D (Made in Japan in 1990) with simple telescopic antenna + 7meters longwire Location: Malin Head, Ireland Thanks for the program. I really appreciate the Pirate For Peace Network and your announced slogan “be peaceful and love democracy”. I´m interested in more information and I will visit your homepage. Good to know that´s it´s possible to listen live 24/7. So I can listen at home via internet. As a keen short wave listener I would be very glad to get a verification (QSL) from your station as a memory to this contact during my holidays. I´m going to stay on holidays in the area and I hope to hear you again. About myself: Meanwhile I´m 63years old and I live in Sangerhausen, a small town in the East part of Germany.
Best Wishes Horst Cersovsky Vor der Blauen Hütte 24 06526 Sangerhausen Germany
Hi KR1- Team,
I think I had the pleasure to listen to your nice music program at the first time. I received your program on 6285 kHz with fair to good results. There was no interference by other stations and your signal was clear mostly. Sometimes it was a little bit weak to understand all announcements in detail. The announcements were very professional. You could tell that a DJ announced. At first I heard different instrumental recordings. Unfortunately I don’t know the titles. Later on I heard a song by ABBA as cover version I think. I like such music. You also send greetings to your listeners. This is indeed a very good idea.
I’m a DX-er and radio listener for more than 40 years and I received programs from many pirates, mainly from the Netherlands. I also received QSL-cards from many different radio stations around the world and of course from pirates. Hope my report is of interest for you, Below you can find my report:
Reception Report on a broadcast of  Kennemer Radio 1
Date of reception: Sunday, 21st July 2019, Time (UTC):                      12.05- 21.51 hours UTC, Frequency:  6285 kHz short wave, Language:  English
 S                 I                 N                P                 O
4/3               4                4                 4                4/3
Receiver: portable “ICF-SW7600G” by Sony Antenna: telescope antenna
Location: Serno,about 30 km North East from Dessau
Leuk om dit te ontdekken…. ik ben een oud medewerker van Radio Remy uit de begin en bijna eind jaren 80 grappig om je oud stationnaam Remy terug te vinden in een oud verhaal. M.v.g. iedereen uit de oude tijd. Ronald Burema was mijn naam uit Assendelft, echt leuk mannen en een mega goede site en leuke verhalen. Ik krijg uit diverse verhalen weer een herkenning…..
KR1, Thanks for your music-show  today. I have been listening to you for 30 minutes now. I have never heard Kennemer Radio before so I hope you will be kind enough to verify my reception. Best regards Antonio Valverde, Spain
I listened to mostly Dutch music, but I also recognized Bad Moon Rising – one of my favourit hits. The signal was pretty strong, S9+10db most of the time with some fadings. There was no other transmitter interfering on 6260 kHz. The noise was pretty strong on the band today. SINPO: 45333 Receiver: Perseus SDR-receiver Antenna: Wellbrook FLG 100 LN 13×3 meters (hidden in the hedge towards my neighbours house). Place of reception: Nödinge, a small village 25 km to the north of Gothenburg, Sweden (N 57,8956  E 12,0612) Date of reception: May 11th  2016 at 22.15-22.45 Central European Time. I would love to get a verification of my reception, and if you have a Kennemer Radio1 QSL or a photo of your transmitter or antenna I would appreciate to get it. Greatings Andre  Hoite
Hi There
Attached you will find a mp3-clip from your transmission, and here you can find a little about me:, and about my “hedge-antenna”: Best Regards and long live the Free Radio !
Alf Persson, Malörtsvägen 3, 449 33 Nödinge, Sweden, [email protected]
Hello KR1
Reception report to KR1, Date: 22nd february 2016, Time: 11.50 UTC, Frequency: 6325, SINPO: 34333, Receiver: Sony ICF 2001 D, Antenna: Telescope, Programdetails: Song by The Sunsets “Ik Mis Je Elke Dag Een Beetje Meer” Song by Oh Well “Oh Well” Please confirm this report by E-QSL.
Thank you very much for your nice show KR1
Kind regards, Sunnypirate1 (near Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Hoi KR1!
Just a quick reception report about your test this afternoon. Nice to pick you up again on SW 48m with a short broadcast. Here are some details:
Date: 12th of February, 2016, Time: 15.40 – 15.45 UTC, Frequency: 6240 kHz LSB, SINPO: 24432 S4 R2-3, Technical details:  fair signal with some fading.
Programme details: CQ DX, Kennemer Radio testing, live from the bunker, no music, greetings to Iann´s Chat, ask for email report, Receiver: Sony ICF 2001 D (built in 1988) Antenna: 80cm loop for SW, indoor, Location: 50 kms south of Frankfurt, a little village called Alsbach, SW-Germany.
If you will find my report as correct, I would greatly appreciate an eQSL cards. Many thanks in advance, KR1 All my best greetings you. Hope to meet you soon again on SW and in the Chat. Take care and all the best, Cheers,
Jörg-Clemens Hoffmann (SWDLXer) Kirchstr. 5, D-64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein,  Germany
Dear Sir, I had great pleasure of receiving to your broadcast. And I hope you will be pleased to know that your signal was audible in Ukrainian capital. However I didn’t hear any ID (ID via Iann’s chat) and the reception was in conditions of strong local QRM, so If you can
recognize your program content, please confirm it by some QSL. Here is my reception report and short audio clip in attachment. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the nice music. RECEPTION REPORTS TO: KR1
Frequency:              6260 kHz AM
Reception time (Universal):     22.00 – 22.40 (UTC/GMT)
Reception date (Universal):     11 May 2014 (UTC/GMT)
SINPO =                 35333
Reception details: Moderate signal, but some static QRN and fade-outs, Reception was in conditions of strong local QRM. Program details (Universal time): Various pop music non-stop. 22.23 – Some musical composition with a violin; (Please listen to the attached mp3 file)
My receiver:    Degen DE-1103 (pocket receiver, dual conversion superheterodyne)
My antenna:     80 mb dipole phased with external wire (~10 meters)
Accessories:    Self-made phasing device
My QTH:         Kiev, Ukraine, 50N22/30E27
QTH Locator:    KO50fi
I should be glad if you will send me a verification QSL-card for
this report by post or at least by email (please write all reception
details on it: date, time, frequency, my name). Best wishes! 73! Alexandr Kostiukevich,   Kiev.
Hello KR1,
thanks for the on air mention tonight on 6260 KHz. Really nice signal here in West of Scotland. I attach an MP3 file for you to let you hear reception over this side. Keep up the good work !! Time – 20:40 – 20:55 UTC, Date – 11/05/16, Frequency – 6260 KHz, SINPO – 44444, Details – Greets to Ukraine and Germany , mentionof Utrecht. Greets to Scotland DX (thanks !, Music included Abba and Madness “Baggy Trousers”
I am located in town of Gourock in west of Scotland , 25km from city of Glasgow on River Clyde.My receiver is a JRC NRD-525 used with a Wellbrook ALA-1530 active loop antenna.Maybe you can send me your e-QSL if you have one and I can put it on my blog 73, Iain Cameron, Gourock, SCOTLAND, Scotland-DX
Hello KR1,
thanks for your kind reply
best regards from Catalonia silveri gómez peralta [email protected]
Reception Report, 11 May 2016, Greetings KR1,
I am pleased to inform you that I listened to your broadcast yesterday from Velizy, France.  Velizy is located southeast from Paris.   I am an Amercian but work for a French company called Dassault Systemes and I’m on a temporary assignment here in France.   I packed my WinRadio on this trip and DX as much as I can.   I also have my Sony 2010 portable so I am prepared to do battle, I submit this reception report plus a audio file, I heard your broadcast  11 May 2014   from 0951 – 1011  UTCon a frequency of 6240 AM Khz, Your signal was fair with some fading.  There was a moderate level of atmospheric noise, which affected reception. There was no interference.   Overall reception quality was fair.  SINPO: 35333
Hi KR1
I am 55 years old and married.  My wife’s name is Ellen and we have three children, all boys.  Their names are Chris (25), Pat (22) and Mike (19).  Two are out of college and one is in.    I work for the Dassault Systemes  as their Director of North America Sales Operations. This is a French software company that specializes  in product design and lifecycle software.    I have been a shortwave listener for over 35 years.  My receiver at home is a Ten-Tec RX340 and a WinRadio attached to Alpha Delta DX-Sloper antenna.  Of course I have a Sony 2010,  a great shortwave portable. Listening to shortwave is my hobby as I enjoy the challenge and entertainment of listening to radio stations on shortwave. I am a member of the NASWA and currently the editor of the International Band Column  and an editor for the  Free Radio Weekly (a weekly Pirate Broadcast newsletter) I hope this report will be of value to you: 0951, -Tuned into a song, 0953, -Station ID & promo’s, -Music:  Male vocal – pop song -I recorded this segment for you, 0956, -Music:  ‘Rita’ 0959 -Music: Pop song..male singer, 1003, Station ID-Music:   oldie 1005-Music:  ‘Golden Years’  by David Bowie 1008 -Very noisy now.  Can only hear a faint, 1011 -Music:    pop song.   A little bit better. Thanks for the show.  I liked the song ‘Rita’ as it was a snappy tune.   It seems like I got a nice but short 10 minute window to listen to your signal as before 0950 and after 1011  it was very noisy. If you find my information correct, I would be grateful for a card or letter from you, which would confirm my reception..   A QSL verification of this reception would be most welcome.  Many thanks in advance for your kind reply and your verification of this report. I have provided my e-Mail address if an electronic response is more convenient.If there is anything I could do for you in return please be sure to ask.
Thank you very much.. 73’s, David J.  Turnick, 372 Spohn Road, Sinking Spring, PA 19608USA, [email protected]
Dear Sirs from KR1,
I think to have heard your station on the May 11th 2014 at 20.55-21.25 hours UTC. The station was heard in english on the frequency of 6260 kHz, 47,92 metres of the shortwaves, and I heard the programmes according to the MP3 recording attached. The signal strenght was good to fair without interferences (SINPO 33533). I used a receiver model PL-660 Tecsun and an external windom antenna of 21 metres long.If the recording attached corresponds with the programmes of that day, I hope that you will be able to write me a verification of reception (QSL) encouraging me that I really tuned in to your station. Hoping for your positive reaction, thanking you in advance, I send you my best regards. Luca
[email protected], Luca Botto Fiora, Via al Carmelo 5/5, I-16035 Rapallo (Genova)Italy
hello KR1,
I guess I was able to listening your station last night. Not sure about the exact ID, because I don’t understood the ID. Propagation was very poor all day, and in the dark hours was a little better, but not too much.
I like to listening free radios, and I use to collect e-qsl confirmations, a hobby, really
Take a look to my report please
date 11-5-2014  frequency 6260 khz UTC 2215-2230 sinpo 24322 no interferences from other station, some local noises from tv sets and storms around my town. Little fading too. Receiver was Kenwood R 2000  antenna 10 m line at the terrace, listening at home in downtown,
details: this was some pop ballad. Then your ID and some talks. Later Reggae with Bob Marley. more reggae at 2219  also funky gilr. Then a ballad by man., 2224 more pops, a cover of the song Agapimú.  Later at 2228 pop dance electronic music. Don’t noted more details, It was time to sleep here, sorry.
If the report is correct, I will be happy with your e-qsl  confirming.
thanks for your music and fight for the free radio,  Take care,
best regards from Catalonia
Hoi Kennemer Radio,
hier ist ein Link zu Deiner Sendung von heute: und im Anhang mein Empfangsbricht. Würde mich über eine QSL sehr freuen. Grüße aus Bernburg Fritz-Walter
Dear radio friend of KR1,
My name is Per Eriksson and I have, according to many of my friends, a strange hobby. I enjoy listening to short- and mediumwave radio stations from all over the world. All they hear from the loudspeakers is the noise, but to me radio over the borders open new horizons. I know that a lot of other stations stream their programs on the Internet, but that is certainly not the same as catching the signal on air. That said, I am very pleased to inform you that I have been able to catch your signal on shortwave 6240 kHz on Saturday, May 10th, 2014. Got the tip that you were on the air from Ianns chatroom. Your signal was on the poor side with the normal shortwave noise. The SIO (Signal strength, Interference and Overall rating) was 2, 3, 2 (on the 1-5 scale, where 5 is best). Enjoyed these songs: 09:16 hrs UTC: “When I need you” by leo Sayer 09:21 hrs UTC: “La difference” by BZN 09:28 hrs UTC: “Papi” by Jennifer Lopez To prove reception and give you a better understanding of the reception quality over here I have recorded a short mp3-clip. It was made at 09:27 hrs UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). You will hear mail address. Save the clip or listen to it by navigating to this link: Part of my radio hobby is to collect “confirmation on reception” from the stations that I hear. If you find that the station I have heard to be Kennemer Radio I would appreciate an verification in return as a verification on listening in. An e-mail saying “it’s us” will do fine! On the personal side I live my my family, wife and two teenagers, in Malmö. I was an avid shortwave listener and DX-er back in the 1970’s. My interest in radio has never faded completely and I have tried to listen every now and then during the years. Back in 2010 I got myself the Microtelecom Perseus software defined receiver and are now more active listening than ever before. Must say that I am proud of catching your signal with an outside large aperture loop antenna. Thanks a lot for your attention, I do look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours.
Eriksson Erikslustvägen 42D S-217 73 Malmö Sweden Mail: [email protected]